West of Dead Aims For June 18 Release Date

West of Dead had many things going for it when it was announced last year: An impressive cel-shaded art style, a cool “weird west” version of Purgatory with the story of an undead gunslinger, action-packed gunfights, and of course, Ron freaking Perlman. Since then, the open beta events for it have been very well-received, which naturally left many looking forward to its eventual release. And during the first day of the Guerrilla Collective, we thankfully learned of the game’s release date, where Raw Fury and developers Upstream Arcade basically said “So how does next week sound?”

With news of a release date came a new trailer, seen below. We get to see even more of the game’s killer top-down action, along with a variety of procedurally-generated levels and landscapes, plus a colorful batch of friends and foes. And of course, more kickass narration from our Ron Perlman-voiced protagonist. West of Dead’s roguelike shooting action comes out on June 18 for PC and XB1, with an August release to follow for PS4 and Switch fans.