Windbound Reveals First Gameplay Trailer, Pre-Order Bonuses

During the recent Escapist Indie Showcase, we got to see the first gameplay trailer for Windbound, a blend of RPG, adventure, and survival games from developers 5 Lives Studios. Watching it below, one would easily be tempted to compare it to Zelda games such as Wind Waker, although it definitely has a unique flavor all of its own, with some even noting possible Polynesian influences. So given the quality shown, it’s no shock that a company like Deep Silver would be interested in helping to publish the game. It certainly looks like a potential gem, and one we could use this Summer.

Windbound is the tale of Kara, a warrior separated from her tribe, winding up stranded on the Forbidden Islands. It may still be a paradise, but in order to survive them Kara will need to craft tools, forage for supplies, hunt, and build ways to travel between islands. Said islands will naturally have their own mysteries to uncover, specifically those that actually tie into Kara’s past. The trailer also shows off some pre-order bonuses in the form of ancestral clothing and equipment, for those interested enough to invest in Windbound before it comes out on August 28 for all major current platforms. And after this showing, we can’t blame you if you are interested.