Ysbryd Games to Publish Glitch Factory’s No Place for Bravery

Usually war-ravaged worlds go all-in on the dark, harrowing, post-apocalyptic vibe that their in-game settings often allude to. But when it comes to Glitch Factory’s latest title, No Place for Bravery, though war-torn, there’s not an overwhelming dark fantasy leaning in place here. Revealed during today’s Guerrilla Collective showcase, the announcement trailer clearly shows the game’s music — or at least a portion of it — and even its art-style taking a broader approach for this latest atmospheric, action RPG. And not simply confiding in the usual apocalyptic tropes.

Set around a quest for a father to find his missing daughter, the game will be published by Ysbryd Games whom have helped bring the likes of VA-11 HALL-A and She Remembered Caterpillars to consumers. No Place for Bravery is planned to release on Switch & PC sometime later this year.