Codemasters Officially Introduces My Team to F1 2020

Over the last week, Codemasters has been revealing driver ratings for each driver on the F1 circuit. These have been broken down into four categories and has lead up to this. My Team is the biggest change to the Career Mode that the Codemasters F1 series has ever seen. F1 2020 will allow players to create their own drivers, which will also include how they look. Players will then create a team name, brand logo and a color scheme. The goal after this is to sign the first key sponsor for your F1 team as this sponsor will fund the main power unit and the co-driver for the team. The idea is to grow your resources and become a top team the competes for Construstor’s Championships.

Prior to the unveiling of your car to the world, you will also face the media to answer questions regarding team performance and other aspects. These responses will have a direct impact on the car and on the team. The car will be unveiled via a cinematic trailer, much like you see prior to each F1 season. The team will also need to be managed during week in terms of allocating time wisely. These events will also have pros and cons that affect the team.

My Team will also allow players to negotiate the driver market beyond the original F2 driver that is signed to the team. As mentioned above, F1 2020 judges F1 and F2 drivers on four different categories: Racecraft, Experience, Awareness and Pace. These will generate the overall skill for each driver. All these stats and driver skills are built from real-world data from the past five F1 and F2 seasons, and drivers will receive stats updates during the season delivered directly into the game based on their 2020 real-life race performances.

“My Team is a feature that both the studio and our community have wanted for some time,” said F1 Franchise Game Director at Codemasters, Lee Mather. “My Team thrusts the player into the world of F1 with its unique driver-manager experience. We know our players are going to love this new feature.”

“It’s been an enlightening experience using real-world data to create the driver stats. They will divide opinion, and we know our players will spend hours debating them,” said F1 Franchise Director at Codemasters, Paul Jeal. “We’re excited to see how the stats evolve when the drivers hit the track, and the knock-on effect this will have in the game.”

F1 2020 will launch on July 10 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Google Stadia. The Deluxe Michael Schumacher Edition will launch on July 7. You can watch the trailer for the introduction of My Team on F1 2020 below.