Skate Story Shows Off Controls In New Gameplay Trailer

Typically most gameplay trailers tend to focus on…well, the gameplay. Not many tend to go into detail about the controls. But if more realistic skating games like Session are popping up, then it may indeed help to show off exactly just how players will be able to pull off various tricks. And while developer Sam Eng’s Skate Story is a game about a skateboarding journey into an underworld represented by surreal landscapes with a crystal protagonist, the actual skating seems more grounded in reality, as shown in the trailer below that debuted during the second day of the Guerrilla Collective.

The guide shows players how to carve, pop, stomp, and place their feet in order to pull of any tricks, all while traveling through some rather gorgeous landscapes…and past a group of shadowy figures, among other things. But perhaps an even more notable sight is the fact that the control layout used as a demonstration resemble that of a basic Switch controller. So far a Switch version of the game hasn’t been confirmed, only a PC version. Does this hint at more platforms in the works? Skate Story is still a long ways off, so anything can happen, but we’ll see.