Live the Quirky Radio DJ Life in Area Man Lives

Being the suckers for off-beat, seemingly-mundane concepts for video games, Area Man Lives’ resurfacing during today’s UploadVR presentation, was sure to catch our eye. A game all about living the supposedly-lavish life of a radio DJ/talk-show host — a life that looks to be anything but. As the requirements to play music, listen to callers’ opinions and keep things running smoothly at the radio station you now work at.

Area Man Lives, developed by Numinous Games, may not look like the most exciting or eventful of VR outings, but the oxymoronic pleasantry in the mundane, is one that the game’s latest trailer looks to try and flaunt. A direction that can often lead to some pleasant emergent and occasionally comical moments, even as you try and follow the game’s supposed objective in working out how your actions and behaviour affect your supposed listeners, as well as working out the real mystery behind the game’s quiet town setting. Area Man Lives is planned for release on Oculus & Steam VR sometime next year.