Roadmap Unveiled For Pistol Whip, Includes PSVR Release Date

So Pistol Whip has been quite the notable success so far, as seen with the various acclaim for it (including our own award for VR Game of the Year). But developers Cloudhead Games have even more plans for it to come, as evidenced by the roadmap they unveiled during the recent Upload VR Showcase for their rhythm-based shooter. You can check out the full details of the roadmap below, which includes a release date for a PSVR version.

After five free content updates, including last week’s Religion update, the next notable update comes this August in the form of the Heartbreaker Trilogy, which focuses on more “chilled-out” dance tracks inspired by the likes of fellow hit rhythm game Sayonara Wild Hearts. With it comes three new scenes, two new modifiers, achievements, and more. Towards the end of the year, we also have The Concierge to look forward to, the first Action Pack containing new enemies, weapons, and mechanics, although there are still more details yet to be revealed. All of this follows the game’s release on PSVR, which finally occurs on July 28. So with expansions to more platforms and a commitment to new content, the future does indeed still look bright for Pistol Whip.