The Outlast Trials Gets a Chilling New Trailer

The next game in the Outlast series, The Outlast Trials, is still a ways away from release, but it’s already setting a very tense mood. The latest cinematic trailer for the game puts viewers into the head of one very unfortunate man as some very sketchy doctors attempt to perform what appears to be a very painful surgery. Unfortunately for this individual, the terror is just beginning.

Gameplay details for The Outlast Trials are still somewhat scarce, but RedBarrels has given fans the basic setup on the game’s official page on the developer’s site. It seems the crazed minds at the Murkoff Corporation are doing their best to test new kinds of mind control and brainwashing in the hopes of finding actual practical use. The Outlast Trials is described on the site as a cooperative¬† game, allowing friends to either help each other through the trials or take on the horrific experiments alone as solo participants. With this, it seems RedBarrels is definitely aiming to make Outlast into series united more by theme and feel rather direct story links. This hasn’t been confirmed of course, but it would definitely make sense due to the serious amount of potential such a direction could create for the series.

The Outlast Trials is confirmed for an eventual PC release.