Warner Bros. Games Announcements Lined Up for DC Fandome Event

Earlier today, DC Comics unveiled the DC Fandome, a 24 hour virtual event set to feature new updates on the movies, TV shows and comic books based on the many characters of the popular entertainment brand.

In addition to the above forms of media, DC is also promising “new announcements from WB Games”, the publisher behind many of the recent DC game adaptations including the Batman: Arkham, LEGO DC and Injustice franchises. While there were no hints on what exactly WB Games would be revealing at the event, Warner Bros. Montreal has been teasing a new Batman game for months now, and Rocksteady could also end up making an appearance depending on whether or not their next non-Batman Arkham project also takes place in the DC universe.

Stay tuned for any and all gaming news to emerge out of DC Fandome, which kicks off on August 22 at 10 AM PT.