Colt Canyon Now Available on Switch, PC, Xbox One

Colt Canyon combines twin-stick shooting with an Old West setting to offer players a unique experience on a plethora of platforms. Switch, Xbox One, and PC users can now partake in a pixel art-filled romp. As either a cowboy or cowgirl, you’ll take folks out with a revolver, a knife, or even some TNT to loot the world for treasure and find new weapons to use and enhance your experience. The game’s pixel art style is a unique blend of simplistic and highly-detailed, with the character models looking simple, while the worlds themselves are bathed in detail and bloodshed when need be.

The animation for attacks and effects for explosion are also intricate and quite impressive.PC users can enjoy the game on either Steam or GOG, with the latter enabling them to have a DRM-free version to play – and you can still launch it with Steam if you so desire. PC and Switch users also get a 10% launch discount taking it to $13.49 from $14.99.