Pokémon Café Mix Puzzle Game Coming Soon

Pokémon spin-offs have plenty of puzzle games to choose from. They all follow a pretty standard framework but a new title is looking to cause a stir. Pokémon Café Mix has just been announced for Switch and mobile devices.

In this puzzle game you own a café specializing in goodies for Pokémon to enjoy. Instead of the usual match-three, you can select a large number of Pokémon icons to gain points. Once the puzzle is completed it becomes a drink or dish for customers. Over time you can have Pokémon employees helping out and expand the café to include new features. The artwork shows off a storybook-inspired illustration while imaginative Pokémon-themed foods add lots of charm.

Pokémon Café Mix is free-to-start and will be available soon. Have a look at the announcement trailer below.