Josef Fares Announces Hazelight’s Next Game, It Takes Two

Two and a half years ago, developer Josef Fares caught the eye of many not just because of his games, but rather for his abundance of enthusiasm at The Game Awards, shouting a hearty “F*** THE OSCARS!!” live on stream, when describing the event. And as seen below in the video set to showcase his latest EA Original, he’s not sorry. He’s still massively enthusiastic, to the point where he outright claims that his latest title, It Takes Two, will just “blow your f***ing mind away.”

After detailing a bit of his life story, Josef introduces us to Hazelight’s third game, a co-op action-adventure platformer called It Takes Two. Sadly, it has nothing to do with the classic Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock jam (that we know of), instead being about two dolls created by a young girl whose parents are going through a divorce. The game sees the dolls representing the girl’s emotions and playing through colorful levels designed for emotion-based mechanics, seemingly mixing in a touch of Inside Out. It’s still early in development, but we do get to see some the environments, right before Josef goes off the rails a bit.

No platforms announced yet, but It Takes Two is due out in 2021.