Play as Iconic Original Trilogy Ships in Star Wars: Squadrons

EA and Motive Studios today released the first gameplay footage of Star Wars: Squadrons.

Hop into the cockpit and prepare for launch, Motive Studios’ next project will allow players to pilot iconic Original Trilogy trips in epic space battles. As previously revealed, players play as either a New Republic or Imperial pilot. Players can freely customize their pilots to their liking, but the gameplay reveal mostly focused on the multiplayer component. In fact, the game dived deep into the different types of fighters players can pilot.

We already knew players would partake in 5v5 multiplayer battles. We now know what that experience will look like with players taking on different roles. All ships are broken down into Fighter, Interceptor, Support, and Bombers. Confirmed ships include the X-Wing, Tie Fighter, Y-Wing, Tie Bomber, U-Wing, Tie Reaper, A-Wing, and Tie Interceptor. The game features extensive ship customization with numerous skins and 50 different ship upgrades available. Multiplayer features cross-play across all platforms. It does not appear that the game features ships from the Clone Wars or Age of Resistance eras.

Star Wars: Squadrons launches October 2 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. PlayStation VR and PC players can play the entire game in VR.