Rocket Arena Blasts Off As An EA Original in July

There are certain games that, the second you hear their name, just immediately grab your attention. Case in point, Rocket Arena. Seattle-based developers Final Strike Games have been working on the game for a while now, and have even held a few Betas, but as seen during today’s EA Play stream, the title is now an EA Original as well. The new reveal trailer for it is below, and along with the trailer comes the release date, which is sooner than expected.

Set in the world of Crater, Rocket Arena is a three-on-three arena shooter where ALL IS ROCKETS. Your weapons? Rockets. Your means of getting around and modes of transportation? Rockets. The colorful environments you battle in? You guessed it, they shoot rockets. And the clip isn’t being subtle about it as well. Rocket Arena launches on July 14 with ten playable heroes and seasonal events plus free content to come, with the first season officially beginning on July 28. And as a bonus, Rocket Arena will arrive on PC (Origin and Steam), PS4, and XB1 with full cross-play on day one, meaning you can share the joy of rockets with even more of your friends ASAP.