Zoink Announces Their New EA Original, Lost in Random

Zoink Games are developers well known for creating twisted, surreal words with a ton of creative characters, like Stick It to The Man, Fe, and Flipping Death. For their latest title, though, set to be another part of the EA Originals lineup, Zoink is making things a bit darker. During today’s EA Play event, the devs debuted Lost in Random, and action-adventure game whose first teaser you can check out below.

Set in the titular dystopian fantasy land of Random, our main heroine Even is up against a world that’s…well, random, with fates being decided by a roll of the dice. But when Even comes her own sidekick die, Dicey, the two set out on a journey to try and embrace the unknown. The game has been describe as having “a very modern message,” one about having to juggle the randomness and chaos in one’s life. It certainly looks impressive, with its Burton-esque art style, so we’ll look forward to Lost in Random and its chaotic world when the it comes to all current major platforms in 2021 (being available on both Origin and Steam for PC).