Ninjala Receives Launch Trailer, Steve Aoki Remix

With Gung Ho’s latest new arena brawler Ninjala due out next week, it’s naturally time for a launch trailer. As seen below, the PvP title starts out with a bit of an appropriate West Side Story homage, before heading into a gameplay showcase with our young ninjas crafting insane weapons out of their Ninja-Gum and showing off colorful arenas, avatars, and personalities. It even has a few notable blink-and-you’ll miss it moments towards the end, with homages to 16-bit games and ’50s horror films. Definitely some eye candy in more ways than one.

Also accompanying this trailer is the news that American musician/producer Steve Aoki is teaming up with Japanese singer Kyary Pamyu Pamyu for a remix of the latter’s hit song “Ninja Re Bang Bang.” A sliver of the remix was revealed in a recent livestream for the game, with the full song to be released with the game and also act as the ending theme for the upcoming Ninjala cartoon (presumably continuing the first animated short from April). Ninjala arrives for the Switch on June 24, and should hopefully prove to be an excellent online experience.