EA Details New Features for Madden NFL 21 in New Video

Madden NFL 21 was shown off last week with a gameplay reveal trailer and touted its changes for this year. The focus was on adding ball-handling skills for runners, an overhaul of the pass rush, and user controlled celebrations. Realistic open-field tackling was another point of focus, as the video states that defenders will better line up to make tackles and that this will be implemented to help counter the improvements to the offensive ball carrying. The Ball Carrier Skill Stick will include two new moves, the dead leg and the side hurdle. The idea is to add what has been seen more on the field into the game. Better ball carriers will stand out with the Ball Carrier Skill Stick.

Pass rushing will move away from the simple interactive button presses and expand out to different combinations as a meter builds up. Superstar X-Factor’s will play an even bigger role in pass rushing and playing on the defensive line will have even more importance now. Players will also be able to choose a celebration after any big game changing play. Other animations have been added to add to the authenticity of the game such as out of bounce momentum. You can check out the breakdown in the video below. The game will release on August 28 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.