NeoGeo Pocket Color Selection Announced Alongside Warden DLC for Samurai Shodown

The NeoGeo Pocket Color was quite an awesome little device upon its release in 1999 — with a clicky thumbstick and a slew of awesome games and cool color combos for the hardware itself. Over the past year, starting with the release of Samurai Shodown’s latest entry on the Switch, we have seen some of its games come to the Switch.

Samurai Shodown 2 hit the platform as an early-bird bonus for pre-orders, while Gals Fighters was released in late April. Today, it was announced that SamSho 2 will get its own release alongside King of Fighters R-2 as part of the NeoGeo Pocket Color Selection. All of these games will be available for $7.99, with Gals Fighters available now and the others coming this summer.

In addition to all of that awesome NGPC action, the SamSho series grows with a new DLC character in the form of For Honor’s Warden. Warden feels like a pretty natural fit for the weapons-based fighter and offers up not only a new way to play, but also the first collaboration between SNK and Ubisoft. With the stakes of him joining the fray as a battle of bushido agaisnt his chivalary, he’ll use his broadsword to slice opponents up in short order if they aren’t careful. Warden will be released across all versions of the game on June 24 — so playing as him is only a day away.