Radio the Universe Receives New Trailer and Release Window

It’s been about two and a half years since we’ve last heard anything major from Radio the Universe, developer 6e6e6e’s upcoming top-down action-adventure game. It’s been in development since at least late 2012 when it had its successful Kickstarter campaign, and it isn’t easy for a solo developer to create something this impressive, taking time to make sure the game is at its absolute best quality. Recently, though, sixe dropped not only a new trailer for the game (which the description says was shown off at a deserted E3 2020), but also a planned release window with it, giving us something to look forward to.

The new clip is an absolutely jaw-dropping showcase of impressive sci-fi action, with great top-down Zelda-esque gameplay, astonishingly detailed scenery, huge bosses, and a few surreal touches hint at a unique journey. In a Kickstarter update accompanying the trailer, sixe broke down just what exactly they have left to do before any alphas can begin, ending on an estimated Winter 2020 release window for now. If all goes well, Radio the Universe should see a PC release then (with a Steam page active right now where you can wishlist it), with no other platforms announced as of yet.