Xehanort’s Story Becomes a Little Clearer with Release of Kingdom Hearts Union X – Dark Road

A new story chapter has been added to Kingdom Hearts Union X. In this update, called “Dark Road,” fans take on the role of teenage Xehanort as he walks the path to becoming the Seeker of Darkness. It seems he’s not walking this path alone though, as a young Master Eraqus and some  newly introduced keyblade-wielders are there to help him along on his journey. How does someone with such stalwart friends fall so far? Apparently, that answer lies in Xehanort’s mysterious past.

Kingdom Hearts Union X – Dark Road has  players traveling through multiple worlds and defeating scores of Heartless along the way. Players won’t be blindly swinging their keyblades around though, because Dark Road takes a page out of Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories’ book and bases its combat on a card system. Card-based combat was kind of divisive back in Chain of Memories’ day, due in no small part to the system’s clunkiness. Hopefully Square Enix has taken this opportunity to craft a better card-fighter.

Kingdom Hearts Union X – Dark Road is available now on Android and iOS devices.