Sea of Stars Shows Off New Trailer For Summer Game Fest

If you somehow needed any proof that Sabotage Studio had proven themselves as insanely talented and beloved developers after The Messenger, you need look no further than the support for their next game, Sea of Stars. Between the Kickstarter campaign pulling in over a million dollars – at least ten times its original goal – and the positive reactions from outlets such as ourselves, it’s easy to already be excited for the turn-based RPG, despite still being early in development. And with a new trailer prepared for Summer Game Fest’s recent developer showcase, the excitement level only increases even further.

In addition to our previously-revealed heroes Zale and Valere, the Solstice Warriors, we get a look at a new companion, a warrior cook named Garl. The new clip also shows off more of the gameplay, combat, and what appear to be a few new locations. Plus even more of the game’s stunning pixel art, of course. Sea of Stars won’t out for PC and consoles until 2022, but a demo for backers who pledged at a certain tier or higher is expected in July. If you still want it, you can chip in through Backerkit.