Cloudpunk Pre-Orders Take Flight at Signature Edition Games

The only difference between the mean streets of an earthbound city and a those of a cyberpunk one is that the latter stacks, layering the seediness all the way to the sky.  Nivalis is a city that goes up forever, serviced by hovercars that can travel from the slums in the depths to the ritzy heights.  Most people stick to their own areas but the job of delivery driver means going wherever the package requires, with the added bonus of meeting people from every social strata.  Tonight is Rania’s first night on the job for Cloudpunk, a mostly-legal courier, and before it’s over she’ll learn far more than she’d ever want about Nivalis and its people in a story-based exploration adventure.

Cloudpunk came out back in April for just about every platform under the sun and earned itself a fan-base thanks to its focus on story and atmosphere.  Now all of them can order a nice physical edition to shelve forever, both in standard and fancy Signature Edition versions thanks to the pre-orders going live today.  PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and even PC are all available in both versions, although it’s the Signature Edition that comes with the nice extras.  The standard big-box packaging holds a soundtrack, two pins, numbered print, and a region-free copy of the game, plus the first five hundred reservations get a collector’s coin as well.  Whichever version you might want, it’s available for reservation over at the Merge/Signature Edition Games site effective immediately.