Cris Tales Gets Another Lengthy Gameplay Spotlight

Have we mentioned how freaking good Cris Tales is shaping up to be? Well, we have, but if you somehow needed more visual evidence of this, then Modus Games has you taken care of with a new nine-minute showcase of gameplay from Dreams Uncorporated and SYCK’s upcoming RPG. Hot of the heels of its updated demo that was prominently featured during the Steam Game Festival: Summer Edition, the new clip below shows off a good chunk of what to expect when it comes to the basics.

Focusing largely on a journey through the sewers and an argument with Mayor Enzo, we start out with a little taste of the puzzles to be included, sending Matias back to grow a vine. Then after a bit of plot, it’s down to the rather elaborate sewers for some combat, showing off each character’s unique moves against the likes of slimes. Later, we get a greater glimpse of how past and future crystals can effect time in combat when it comes to a group of wolves and salt doppelgangers. It all looks incredible, and has us counting the days until November 17, when Cris Tales comes out for all current major gaming platforms, plus Stadia.