Surreal Trailer Showcased For Overlook Trail

One of the hardest parts of a job such as this is trying to report on games when all you have to go on are brief descriptions, and any trailers that may be rather brief and vague. But sometimes said trailers end up being just so odd that they become fascinating and hint at more interesting games, and so you can’t ignore them. And thus we have Overlook Trail, a titles from developers Longhand Electric described as a “surrealist first-person dream exploration game” which debuted a new trailer at Day of the Devs’ recent developer showcase. You can check out the teaser below, which…well, take a look for yourself.

So…you wander through an arch in a desert landscape, wind up in a mouth, dive from a tongue into a giant cereal bowl, then head through a portal in a coffee cup. And is is just one of the game’s four chapters, with each planned to have a different art style and their own logic. It should be an interesting experience (or experiences) to say the least. No release window has been announced yet, but it should be hard to miss Overlook Trail when it hits PCs later on.