Urban Trial Tricky Hits the Switch eShop

Last month, it was announced that Urban Trial Tricky would be coming to Switch “this summer”. Little did we know that it meant we’d be able to enjoy the game in a mere month’s time from that. The Urban Trial games up until this point have primarily been obstacle courses, with Urban Trials Playground offering up some of the most rewarding challenges in a Trials-like on the platform. The series has always showcased tricks, but now, the game is trick-focused and enables up to three-button inputs to pull of trick combos to the best of your ability. It’s very much a bike-based OlliOlli-style game where things are focused on tricks and not like getting from Point A to B like regular Urban Trial games. At $14.99, the game is priced fairly reasonably for its concept and looks like a lot of fun if you like score attack or trick-centric games.