SkaterXL Getting User-Created Maps Across All Platforms at Launch

Skater XL has experience a bit of a delay recently – but today, we got a nice bit of insight as to why that may wind up being a great thing in hindsight. The game will launch across all platforms with user-created maps that use not only maps made by fans, but also have some tune-ups by the development team. Three maps crafted by modders of the PC version will be available on all platforms. This includes “Streets” by Jean-Live, “Hudland Training Facility” by Pactole and “Grant Skate Park” by Theo. Integrating user-created content with an official backing like this is pretty rare and who knows, maybe this will lead to folks getting a regular gig in the industry as a result of showcasing their skills.

Skater XL’s full debut will be on July 28 on the Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC – with the PC version available to buy in early access now. This content being made available on day one of the full launch shows another little benefit of early access on PC in that it allows for more content to be crafted when the format is used to truly make a product better. In a little under a month, we’ll be able to see just how Skater XL turns out. Each map created here looks impressive and to get this content for free as extra launch content is a nice bonus.