Creaks, Amanita’s Latest, Crawls Out Later This Month

For over a decade, Amanita Design have given us some of the best and most clever adventure and puzzle games that take us away to imaginative worlds. Games like Machinarium, Botanicula, and the Samorost games. And now, later this month, we’ll get to play their next eye-catching game, Creaks. A game that has been in the works for eight years, meaning it’s almost as old as some of the previously-mentioned games. Here, Amanita goes for more of a horror vibe, subjecting players to the terrors of…household furniture!!

Okay, to be more accurate, Creaks draws inspiration from ambiguity and pareidolia, the term used for the tendency to, say, see certain faces and shapes in inanimate objects. So as seen in the trailer below, for example, a nightstand can suddenly look like a guard dog at night. These creatures are the titular “creaks,” and knowing when and how to transform them back and forth is the key to success. Success here, though, also means navigating a massive, surreal mansion filled with avian folk and some notably big nightmares. While the style in this mansion is unmistakably Amanita, this will also be their first game controlled using thumbsticks instead of point-and-click gameplay. It all appears to be an interesting twist for them, and while we don’t have an exact release date yet, we’ll see if it works when Creaks comes out for all current major platforms later this July.