Devolver Direct Drops On July 11

Ever since Not-E3 began, a ton of people have been wondering when Devolver Digital’s ne=ow-legendary E3 press conference would surface, and how. Given the times we live in, what form would the further adventures on Nina Struthers take? Would the overarching plot continue? Well, now we know when to expect more answers. Today over Twitter, Devolver Digital revealed that this year’s “Devolver Direct” will happen on July 11.

The quick clip promises that the Devolver Direct will contain gameplay reveals, release date announcements, and of course, the unveiling of new games. What could these be referring to? Well, the clip also invites you to Devolver’s Discord to discuss your “unrealistic expectations,” so feel free to speculate wildly over there. Judging by the introduction of “#checkalook” as a hashtag, we can probably expect that satirical saying to pop up as well. In fact, let’s start: The Devolver Direct is set to take place at 4 PM PST on July 11, so make sure to check a look at that time.