New Gods Versus Old with Neon Abyss Switch Demo Trailer

There’s nothing all that wrong with the old gods, except the world has moved on and they haven’t.  Gods of storm, war, love and other aspects of the eternal human condition are all well and good but life is a little more complicated now.  Gods of the harvest appeal to a far smaller percentage of people, but a god of communication?  There’s a deity for the year 2020.  The god of stuffed animals, on the other hand, maybe isn’t so necessary.  Hades has set up a task force to eliminate the new gods, useful or not, and as a member it’s your job to run and gun through the side-view labyrinths of Neon Abyss.

Neon Abyss is an action-roguelike that originally released its PC demo last October.  While you can read more about that here, the short version is that it had a lot of guns, a nice variety of enemies, plenty of bullet patterns and tons of useful powerups to make each run an exercise in what would have been overkill if the abyss wasn’t so deadly.  It’s been a while since the demo came out (and the original time limit for each run has been removed) but with the release just around the corner on July 14 it’s time to share with other consoles too or at least the Switch.  Neon Abyss is coming to PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PC, and while Sony/MS may get a crack at the demo eventually, right now the demo is Switch-focused, complete with brand new trailer.

Give it a look below and prepare to wield bullet madness that’s just about strong enough to stand up to the forces against it: