New Story Trailer For F.I.S.T. Packs a Punch

Last year, Chinese developer TiGames unveiled F.I.S.T., a dieselpunk metroidvania game about a rabbit with a giant mech arm (as opposed to a video game adaptation of the 1978 neo-noir Sylvester Stallone film). Part of the PlayStation China Hero Project to help support Chinese developers, it looked quite impressive back then, and it still looks impressive today in its new story trailer that debuted, which you can check out below.

Ironically, despite being billed as a story trailer, the new clip for F.I.S.T. (Forged in Shadow Torch) seems to arguably work better as a general gameplay trailer. We do get some glimpses of the game’s world at the start, including some rather menacing machines and a photo of an old crew, including a kidnapped friend who our hero Rayton has to rescue. The rest of the video, though, is focused on showcasing the game’s 2D combat. And it looks like some terrific action indeed, backed up by sweet moves and impressive visuals. No release window for F.I.S.T. yet, but look out for it when it hits the PS4 in the future.