Ubisoft Enters Battle Royale Market with Hyper Scape

Ubisoft today announced their take on the battle royale genre, Hyper Scape.

Taking place in 2054, 100 players descend into the virtual city of Neo-Arcadia to battle it out in good old battle royale fashion. Players can either dive in solo, or as part of a three-person squad. Hyper Scape differentiates itself from other battle royale titles with its focus on verticality. Players can engage in fast and acroabtic battles as the leap across the rooftops, through narrow streets, and into building interiors.

The game also introduces Hacks, special abilities players can loot throughout the world that grant offensive and defensive capabilities. Players can upgrade Hacks and weapons through Fusion to create more powerful variations. You’ll need every advantage you can get as the world quickly starts to decay.

“We’ve built something really unique and fresh by streamlining the experience to focus on fun and intensity. We’re really excited to let players have a try at it right away and we can’t wait to hear what they think of it,” said Graeme Jennings, Senior Producer on Hyper Scape at Ubisoft Montreal. “But this is just the start. Hyper Scape is a universe that is built to grow, and our players will see the beginnings of that even during our technical test.”

Hyper Scape is available as part of a closed technical test on PC starting today and running through July 7. No word on when the game fully launches. Nor do we know what platforms it’s coming to. We’ll let you know should Ubisoft make any additional announcements.