Destroy All Humans! Celebrates ‘Dependence’ Day with Explosive Trailer

Destroy All Humans! is looking quite sharp its latest, “Dependence Day,” trailer. Should fans dare to watch they’ll see many of Crypto’s most explosive weapons on full display as he moves from quiet infiltration to full-scale war against the forces of Earth. With weaponry of this magnitude, it seems unlikely that the humans will be able to repel the invader.

The upgraded visuals are likely to be the star of the newly-remastered Destroy All Humans!,, and they’re very plain to see here. The particle effects in particular appear to have gotten a significant upgrade, and they’re on full display here. THQ is also doing a video series focusing on each of Crypto’s weapons, with the first highlighting the “Disintegration Ray.” The game releases on July 28 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, but PC fans can try the demo now if they can’t wait to start up the mayhem.