Infliction: Extended Cut Brings the Chills to Switch

Infliction: Extended Cut has launched for the Switch, and it’s still looking quite creepy. As a nameless investigator, players step into a once-happy home devastated by betrayal and ongoing tragedy. It’s not going to be a quiet investigation though. Malevolent forces are still at work here, and players must unravel if they want to avoid succumbing to the same fate as the house’s former residents.

In a manner very similar to the likes of Outlast and the Amnesia games, Infliction: Extended cut gives players no real means to fight back against the horrors stalking them. All one can do is closely examine everything for hints and clues, and then either run or hide from whatever it is that’s trying to keep the secret from getting out. This is a smaller-scale game than its genre predecessor’s, so it’s likely that players won’t find the same kind of production values. With that in mind, hopefully Infliction: Extended Cut can get the job done through atmosphere and intrigue instead.

Infliction: Extended Cut is available now on PC, PlayStation 4,Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.