Screenshot Saturday Featuring Underdown, Keylocker, More

Hello everyone, and welcome to yet another edition of Screenshot Saturday, where we gather up a selection of some of the most impressive games to pop up in this weekend with the #screenshotsaturday tag! Now, I know a lot of you are still likely still in a celebrating mood due to the big holiday this past week…that’s right, Canada Day, and while I would have loved to have made the focus entirely on Canadian-made games this week, I sadly didn’t have the time to do so (oh, and apparently there was this other holiday on Saturday, but ehh, it didn’t seem important). But we still have a bunch of insanely talented developers showing off their latest, upcoming games who also deserve the spotlight, so let’s get right into things and shine that light on them!

Underdown- This turn-based tactical stealth game certainly looks promising, and this one snippet alone is certainly visually appealing, but I don’t really think this is doing the game justice. The gameplay teaser paints a better picture, but it does leave out the game’s premise, that being of four kids who have to sneak their way into an abandoned salt mine in search of their missing friend, only to find a mysterious biotech company performing experiments, along with a fungus that alters their abilities…yeah, it’s damn interesting stuff, to say the least, so I can’t wait to see more of it.

Keylocker- In a cyberpunk world filled with silence, one singer/songwriter will try and unite a rebellion through the power of rock, overcoming many obstacles along the way…including the occasional mutant neon walrus (or platypus?) who just learned a new word. Much like the developer’s previous game, Virgo vs. the Zodiac, we have another colorful and unique JRPG world that appears to be filled with quirky characters and clever humor, so it’s definitely going on my radar, and hopefully yours as well.

Demon Turf- Fabraz’s new foray into 3D platforming about a lesser demon attempting to beat up rival demon gangs for a shot at the top of the underworld food chain is already shaping up to be quite impressive, but a showcase on how the game could easily become a favorite among speedrunners only sweetens the pot even further. Along with the pet mouse as well, of course.

Super Space Club- Well, this arcade shooter may be low-poly and lo-fi, but that certainly doesn’t mean it won’t have a high amount of action. It it should certainly be fun to see just how many enemies you’ll be able to take on before things get too intense, with this kind of experimentation hopefully resulting in that perfect level of difficulty being achieved.

Endling- A simple shot from this still highly-anticipated platformer about the last fox family trying to survive extinction, but one that still looks like a visual treat, and makes one wonder what the significance of this glowing former vending machine(?) is. It’s a unique environmental tale, and this gives us yet other neat peek into its eerie dystopian world.

PERISH- Well, in my opinion, the use of black and gold in the environments feels quite unique, so you shouldn’t be afraid to lean into that aesthetic, while still making sure the environments are varied in certain ways. Case in point, adding a giant spiked ball and chain like this to kick around and take out enemies with. Just add a healthy amount of crazed and fun bits like that, and this FPS should be fine.

Say No! More- Well, every notable moment where I’ve stood up for myself unfortunately found me in the likes of detention. Of course, I didn’t have some sort of mystical ’80s life coach assisting me from a cassette tape by telling me to shout “NO!” at virtually anyone who displeased me. I don’t know whether that would have helped me or not, but it does seem to make for one damn fun game.

Ever Forward- I admit that it does seem a bit odd for a game’s Twitter account to promote their game and demo in a way that’s worded like this…I mean, were there people expect them to say it ISN’T beautiful and well-designed? But it still looks like a damn fun puzzle/adventure game regardless, so make sure to give this intriguing game and its prologue a look.

Voidtrain- Have you ever thought to yourself “Boy, I sure wish there was an FPS game where I could ride a train through otherworldly dimensions, scavenging materials to upgrade things along the way, all while battling bizarre creatures and Nazis?” If the answer is “no,” well, why the heck haven’t you thought that? In either case, this game and its imaginative environments have come forward to fill that void, pun semi-intended.

WE KILL MONSTERS- Well, Glass Revolver’s previous game, ITTA, dominated a good chunk of Screenshot Saturday before its eventual release back in April of this year, but it looks like they’re ready to dominate this feature again with what appears to be an even more gorgeous game. No other major details yet about the game (though presumably, it involves the killing of monsters), but I, for one, welcome our new pixelated overlords.