Xbox Games Showcase set for July 23

Microsoft today announced their first-party Xbox Game Showcase for the month.

After May’s disastrous showing, and Sony’s mostly successful PS5 reveal in June, the pressure is on for Microsoft. Having promised to reveal first-party games during a July showing, Microsoft has finally revealed when that showing takes place.

Taking to Twitter, the company confirmed the event is happening July 23 at 9am PT. You’ll be able to catch it on the official Xbox YouTube and Twitch channels.

The Xbox Games Showcase presents Microsoft’s best chance to recapture the narrative following the May Inside Xbox disaster. After promising gameplay from third-parties, Microsoft under delivered with very questionable ‘gameplay’ trailers. July’s showcase should be different. 343 Industries’ Halo Infinite will be there. Other possibilities include a Fable reboot, a new Perfect Dark title, and The Initiative’s new project. However, don’t expect the reveal of the mysterious Lockhart, which insiders say won’t show up till August.

Check back on July 23 to see everything Microsoft announces at the Xbox Games Showcase.