Humble Summer Adventure Games Bundle Now Available

A new Humble Bundle is available focusing on some of the best adventure games released in the past decade. The $1 tier is fantastic, with The Walking Dead Season 1, The Walking Dead 400 Days, Oxenfree, and Batman The Enemy Within – The Telltale Series. This tier is a tad odd because you get the second part of the Batman Telltale series in the lowest tier. Beating the average of $8 gets you Batman – The Enemy Within’s Shadow Mode, The Walking Dead Season Two, The Walking Dead Michonne, and The Wolf Among Us.

Finally, for $15, you can get the first part of the Batman Telltale Series and its Shadows Mode, The Waking Dead A New Frontier, and The Walking Dead the Final Season alongside Heaven’s Vault. If you’ve ever wanted the Batman Telltale games, this is the cheapest price for all of them alongside other Telltale games. You can get just Batman The Telltale Series for $3.74, or get it with the Shadows Mode for $7.46 if you only want the Batman games in the Steam sale.