HyperBrawl Tournament Brings The HyperForce to PC, Consoles This Summer

HyperBrawl Tournament, formerly an Apple Arcade exclusive, will be coming to PC and consoles later this summer. The game is a one to four player arena-type game wherein players compete to knock-out the opposing team, score the most goals or perhaps even both. It seems that victory is everything in HyperBrawl Tournament, so the means of achieving it are mostly left up to the players.

HyperBrawl Tournament features eleven different heroes with eight weapons to wield and eleven arenas to duke  it out in. Players can play through the game’s campaign solo in order to get the hang of the sport, or they can just jump right into the mulitplayer, party-up and brawl it out against other teams. It all  looks and sounds good, so hopefully HyperBrawl Tournament will be able to wow PC and console players just as well as its mobile-based fans.