Far Cry 6 Allegedly Leaks via PlayStation Store Listing

[Update]: Ubisoft has officially confirmed the existence of the next Far Cry game following today’s leak. Though the publisher did not use the title Far Cry 6, they have essentially confirmed the leak is real.

Taking to the official Far Cry Twitter, the publisher released a cheeky tease of the game. Reading ‘Anton would not be pleased,’ the brief snippet confirms that Giancarlo Esposito will star in the game as dictator Anton Castillo. The tease ends confirming the game will be at the Ubisoft, Forward event. That event takes place Sunday, July 12 at 12pm PT.

[Original Story]: One of Ubisoft’s ‘surprises’ for their July 12 event may have leaked a tad early.

Store leaks appear to be all the rage this non-E3 season. Star Wars: Squadrons leaked via the Xbox Store before EA Play, and now it appears its PlayStation’s turn to leak a project. That project appears to be Far Cry 6, the next mainline entry in Ubisoft’s Far Cry franchise.

Leaked via the Hong Kong PS Store, and captured by users on Twitter and Resetra, Far Cry 6 takes place in the fictional paradise of Yara. You play as Dani Rojas as you fight back against the country’s dictator Anton Castillo. Castillo is played by Giancarlo Esposito (Breaking Bad, The Mandalorian), who teased earlier this month about working on a big game project.

The listing also showed a February 18, 2021 release date, as well as confirmation that those who buy the PS4 version can upgrade to the PS5 version free of charge. We assume it is the same case for the Xbox versions. Whether or not this means the current-gen and next-gen versions will launch the same day remains a mystery.

Take all this with a grain of salt until an official announcement, but it’s likely real. Ubisoft has a lengthy track record of their titles leaking ahead of their big reveals. Be sure to tune in Sunday, July 12 at 12pm PT for the Ubisoft, Forward digital event to learn more about Far Cry 6.