Carrion Finally Gets To Rip and Tear As Well on July 23

Phobia Game Studio’s reverse horror game, Carrion, has been highly anticipated for quite a while, impressing many with its unique, carnage-soaked gameplay, where players get to pick off unsuspecting victims as an Eldritch-looking mass of tentacles and teeth. But when exactly would we finally get to strike terror into entire laboratories full of people? Well, the release date was finally revealed during today’s Devolver Direct, and it’s sooner than expected.

The release date was revealed in the trailer below, which showcased even more of our gigantic, amorphous, omnivorous mass lurking around. This time, though, we get an extended peek at some possession mechanics as well, manipulating bodies and mech suits, being able to use any weapons on them. Of course, several other skills were showcased as well, typically ending in some sort of bloody mess. Carrion arrives on PC, XB1, and Switch on July 23, meaning we have less than two weeks until more mayhem is further unleashed.