Devolver Announces Devolverland Expo, Available Now For Free

As usual, Devolver Digital managed to take things to the next level with their E3 presentation, even in a time where E3 doesn’t exist. Their Devolver Direct for Not-E3 ended with Nina Struthers taking another hard stab at the likes of E3 (with the shows itself taking stabs at the many digital showcases this year as well), before going on about how viewers deserve the true experience, announcing a way to condense the sweaty, bombastic, marketing-filled experience of events like this into a single game. And because this is Devolver effing Digital we’re talking about here, they actually went and created that experience. Courtesy of Flying Wild Hog, we now have Devolverland Expo.

Described as a first-person “marketing simulator,” Devolverland Expo is set in an abandoned convention center that you explore after an annual Devolver Digital expo was mysteriously cancelled. So now in order to view all the trailer, demos, secrets and everything, you’ll have to break into center and avoid security in order to properly check a look at everything. As seen below, that means exploring exhibits for Weird West, Olija, Fall Guys, Disc Room, and virtually every other game Devolver has coming soon (rumor has it a secret announced game is in there as well), while extra insanity has been spiked into the mix as well. The best part? You can get in on this entirely new level of marketing right now, as Devolverland Expor is available on Steam as we speak, for free. Check it out and make Nina proud, dammit.