Shadow Warrior 3 Debuts First Gameplay

Well, after its initial reveal earlier this week, Devolver Digital promised us the first gameplay during their Devolver Direct today, and they did not disappoint. The new “Way to Motoko” trailer doesn’t waste any time getting into the action contained in what may very well be Flying Wild Hog’s magnum opus, as you can see below. Lo Wang kicks down a door, and then we get straight into the thick of things.

Let’s see, free running? Check! Swinging around on grappling hooks? Check! A huge amount of insane and creative enemy designs, tons of gunplay, melee action, and one-liners? Check, check, check, and double-check. Swinging around while blowing away enemies looks insanely damn fun, and it looks beautiful. Shadow Warrior 3 isn’t due out until 2021, but consider it already highly anticipated.