Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad Release Date Revealed, Boasts Splinter Cell, Division Elements

Tom Clancy’s name has been used in some of Ubisoft’s most successful series, from Ghost Recon to Splinter Cell, and his name is back in action with a new IP. During their Ubisoft Forward press conference, the publisher announced that Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad — a free-to-play mobile game — will be released on August 27 for iOS and Android. Developed by Ubisoft Owlient, Elite Squad is based on the lore of other Tom Clancy series such as Rainbow Six, The Division, Ghost Recon and Splinter Cell. Players will be able to put together a team from 70 iconic characters including Montagne, Nomad, Sam Fisher Caveira, El Sueno and many more as they take part in 5×5 shooting battles on famed Tom Clancy series battlegrounds such as Valleta and Malta from Splinter Cell Conviction, or Base of Operations from The Division. With tons of gear pieces, unique abilities and weapons, players can take part in a campaign mode featuring a brand new Tom Clancy storyline or challenge others in PvP battles or band together in guild wars.

Those interested can currently pre-register now on the App Store or Google Play to unlock an exclusive in-game reward, Montagne’s weapon from Rainbow Six Siege.

Check out the new trailer debuted during Ubisoft Forward below: