Watch Dogs: Legion Unleashes Gameplay Overview, Release Date

After some underperforming titles such as Ghost Recon: Breakpoint last year, Ubisoft announced that they would be delaying some of this year’s biggest games. This caused many to wonder when some of them would come out, including Watch Dogs: Legion, the latest game in the action/adventure hacker series. Well, after a nice and chunky gameplay showcase, which you can check out below, we were finally given our release date for Watch Dogs: Legion, announcing that it’ll be ready this Autumn.

The gamplay trailer also serves as an introduction to two of our main antagonists: Nigel Cass, the head of the brutal PMC that the government has hired due to a terrorism attack, and Mary Kelley, the boss of a crime syndicate who sells goods on the dark web…including human goods. As for our heroes? Well, that includes virtually everyone in London, as you can recruit and play as nearly any NPC. Construction workers, hitmen, drone experts, heck, even members of Albion themselves, if you put in enough work. Each has their own unique set of skills, and the trailer shows how this means players will be able to approach mission in several different ways. Watch Dogs: Legion comes out on October 29 for XB1, PS4, Stadia, and PC (via the Epic Games Store and Uplay), with PS5 and Xbox Series X versions to follow upon the releases for each console.