The Bracers Are Back in Trails of Cold Steel IV Character Trailer

One of the more exciting elements of the upcoming Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV is its conversion of several sets of Trails characters. In this fourth entry in the series, protagonists from Trails in the Sky, Trail From Zero and Trails of Azure. The main country of the Cold Steel subset of games is Erebonia, a land which has outlawed the Bracer Guild featured in the Trails in the Sky games. Well, it looks like the Bracers are going to have a big impact on Erebonia’s survival, and both Estelle and Joshua Bright are among those leading the charge.

Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV launches for PlayStation for on October 7, and fans will have their choice of either the standard or “Frontline” editions. In the Frontline edition, fans get a few extra goodies in the form of “The Black Records” art book,  the “Echoes of Erebonia” soundtrack CD and a reversible cover-sheet for their game case. The story of Erebonia has hit a major turning point, so now might just be the time to jump in.

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