Project xCloud Launches in September as Part of Game Pass Ultimate

Microsoft today announced that it’s game streaming platform, Project xCloud, launches this September.

After a year of rigorous testing, Microsoft is finally ready to release Project xCloud in supported countries. The service launches this September for mobile devices, and, surprisingly, comes bundled with a Game Pass Ultimate subscription. You’ll be able to stream every title available on Game Pass, including new titles like Halo Infinite. However, it doesn’t appear that you’ll be able to stream your personal library at this time.

Speaking with The Verge, Xbox Head Phil Spencer confirmed that the company is looking at other platforms to bring the service to, and that Game Pass Ultimate is just the beginning. However, it will be locked to mobile devices at launch, and, potentially, only Android mobile devices. According to Microsoft, the company is in discussions with Apple, but some App Store policies have prevented Microsoft from fully testing xCloud features on the platform compared to Android. Hopefully, things will change ahead of the September launch.

Project xCloud launches this September. Stay tuned over the next few months as Microsoft rolls out new launch details. These details include launch platforms and the service’s official name.