Purifying Demons with Extreme Prejudice in Eastern Exorcist Reveal Trailer

An exorcism is a ritual that drives demons back to the hideous realms they came from.  Solemn chants and absolute faith are the standard tools of the job, but that’s because clearing away a possession requires a light touch so the possessed’s body is still in one piece after the ordeal is over.  Once the demons are walking freely that removes a lot of constraints, so subtlety can be replaced with a much more satisfying level of violence.  Eastern Exorcist is the story of a Chinese swordsman “exorcising” demons and monsters with fast, fluid combat, raising the question of whether it actually counts as an exorcism if he’s carving them into pulp.  Not that it really matters that much when his moves are animated this nicely.  Bizarre creatures and giant bosses terrorize the land, big and mean enough that slower-paced tactical combat simply won’t work on them.  The swordsman’s high-speed moves flow one into the other in quick succession, with the occasional dodge to get out of the way of impending attack from the hand-drawn demons.

Eastern Exorcist was revealed today with its first trailer, and while it’s got a few obvious issues (the word is “slaughtered”) there’s still a month to go before its August 14 Early Access release on PC and eventual full release for PS4.  In the meantime the trailer is looking fairly sharp, so give it a watch for the high speed demon-slicing action.