Kandagawa Jet Girls Set for Late August Release on PS4, PC

The creators of Senran Kagura created something a bit different with Kandagawa Jet Girls, as the jet craft-racing action of the show stands out compared to anything else. The multimedia franchise has spawned one game so far in its native Japan and now that game finally has a release date – August 25. The game is tailor-made for gaming with jetski-style racing being something the industry hasn’t seen a ton of recently. Here, you’ll play as one of seven competing teams with combat-infused action. You can use water missiles, mines, and other attacks and customize things like your outfits and jet crafts. Mini-games help to mix things up, as do mid-air tricks. We’re big fans of water-based racing, and Kandagawa Jet Girls looks to have all the tools needed to make it a must-have for either fans of the anime or just watercraft racing in general. The game will be released on PC via Steam and will get a PS4 release physically that also includes an artbook and OST CD.