Screenshot Saturday Featuring Morbid, The Forgotten City, More

Hello, and welcome to another edition of Screenshot Saturday here at Hardcore Gamer! And while this was one of the weekends where wading through everything using the Screenshot Saturday tag was harder than usual, we were still able to assemble another selection of promising games to check out, as shared by those working on in quick little peeks to help serve as appetizers of sorts. The spread in this edition has a few scrumptious classics, but also some fresh and varied treats, including some mobile and Stadia games! So without further ado, let’s dig in already…

Morbid: The Seven Acolytes- Okay, is “horrorpunk” actually a thing? That term, which this Souls-like game uses to describe itself, may be debatable, but I think we can all agree that it still delivers in the horror department. For that matter, it also appears to deliver when it comes to imposing bosses, as seen with our grotesque, infected toad here and their skull-faced flies. It should make for one impressive fight, and one impressive game.

The Forgotten City- So being trapped in a time loop in an ancient Roman underground city where everyone suffers a massive curse if any sin is committed is bad enough, but now you have weird, skeleton-like gold monsters to deal with? That’ll definitely make things more challenging when it comes to getting around and finding ways to solve everyone’s problems in order to break the loop, but it should be a damn fun challenge.

GRIME- Yes, I will admit that this particular metroidvania game has popped up here in Screenshot Saturday quite a few times so far. But this is still a feature devoted to showcasing games with the most eye-catching screenshots and/or clips, and the developers here know how to show off bits of their game that instantly suck you in, with this unique boss design easily being one of their best creations yet. Can’t wait to face off against them.

Going Under- Speaking of games that show up here often, Aggro Crab’s dungeon crawl through failed startups also knows how to deliver snippets of attractive gameplay that easily guarantee it a recurring spot here as well. In this case, it means we get to see how being able to grab virtually any office goods around you to use as improvised weaponry results in being able to mix it with a dodge roll to create an improvised attack. Awesome stuff that adds a nice touch of strategy.

The Eternal Cylinder- When it comes to the Trebhums, I can only assume that adorability is their natural state because it helps to try and make it so that predators won’t want to kill something that looks this cute. Unfortunately, a giant cylinder that stretches across the whole land and steamrolls anything in its path doesn’t really care about cuteness that much. Hence the need for mutations to help boost odds of survival, which also makes for more experimentation in a fun-looking game.

Outcasters- As we’ve discussed last week, Splash Damage’s upcoming spell-slinging multiplayer combat game could possibly be the unique shot in the arm that Stadia needs. One thing it definitely has going for it are the charming and colorful visuals, as well as a cute sense of humor, as seen with one’s opponents being devoured by a cartoon kraken. Better luck next time, guys…

Arrog- A puzzle/adventure game about a man traveling through their own dreams as they learn to accept death is likely going to have more than a few surreal twists, including the odd island here. The simple, monochrome art style also nicely enhances things, making for striking visuals when combined with the red sun. Whatever type of puzzle this may be, it looks like it’ll be a blast to encounter.

Vesper- Having seen more of this puzzle-platformer about an android that controls the power of light while being hunted by other machines over on its Steam page, I can indeed confirm that this is one of the game’s least eerie shots. But with its pitch-black characters and scenery mixed in with colorful and detailed backgrounds, even the eerie parts have a charm to them, and definitely seem to have some mighty fine gameplay to back them up.

BAYANI- Currently available in Early Access, this fighter draws inspiration from Philippine culture and history, giving it a rather unique atmosphere with several cool characters to play the as. The latest one being Rio here, who as you can see, goes all out when it comes to delivering a devastating combo. Definitely some nicely fast and intense stuff here.

Nine Witches: Family Disruption- Now that’s grade-A motivational poster material right there if I’ve ever seen any. Truly something that gives you the determination needed to kick some supernatural Nazi ass.