Kaze and the Wild Masks Coming to Switch, Xbox One, PC with Xbox One Demo Coming Soon

The Xbox One’s summer game fest is almost here and with its launch tomorrow comes a demo for Kaze and the Wild Masks. While the game itself will be released across the PlayStation 4, Switch, and Xbox One family of systems, the demo will launch for Xbox users starting on July 21 and will be available until July 27. Kaze has been in the works for several years and looks very much like a high-end 32-bit action-platformer. Players of Freedom Planet will have a solid idea of what to expect when it comes to color depth, but Kaze goes beyond it to an Astal-esque level of detail in the pixel art.

Kaze will be able to hop and bop around the world while also swimming between hazards and even using a bird mask to flap around. Each mask grants different powers, so while a bunny wouldn’t normally be a skilled swimmer, a shark mask allows Kaze to excel underwater. So far, Kaze looks quite promising and when the Xbox One demo launches tomorrow, we’ll be able to get a first-hand look at just how well-crafted this adventure winds up being.