Untitled Goose Game Receives Physical, Vinyl Treatment

The unsurprising indie hit of 2019, Untitled Goose Game, is back and packed like never before. Developer House House has announced a collaboration with iam8bit to bring the game’s first-ever physical release to Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. As a way to introduce the game to players beyond North America, iam8bit has partnered with Skybound Games for a global distribution. The physical edition and official vinyl are currently available for pre-order.

There are two physical boxed editions that are available for pre-order. The standard boxed edition includes the game, a collectible 24-page catalog of items our Goose may enjoy collecting, a map of the village and an official “No Goose” sticker. The enhanced Lovely Edition features all the former but with an environmentally friendly twist — all collectible items will be made 100% out of recycled materials.

Go on a wild goose chase all over again when these physical copies launch on September 29, 2020.